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Dog Story- Missy

Missy is a little Jack Russell terrier that came to us back in early November 2016. She arrived into the centre with a 10/10 lameness on her right hind due to a suspect collateral ligament rupture (knee ligament), alongside this she also has a mild luxating patella in her left hind (knee cap comes out of joint). She began her programme twice a week in the aquatic treadmill with just walking. It took a month or so for Missy to gain confidence in both the treadmill and ourselves, she went from being unwilling to walk in the treadmill to progressing to various physio exercises. In addition, Missy was very nervous of handling to begin with; we walked her in the treadmill with a lead and couldn’t measure her legs. Now Missy is happy for us to massage her legs, guide her legs, lift her and palpate her, we can now even measure her. The key to Missy’s trust was a simple pink bone toy!
Missy’s progress both behaviourally and mobility wise have improved hugely. We are pleased to say she is no longer lame on her right hind, weight bearing evenly and overall a lot more of a comfortable, happy little dog. Her sessions now consist of 6 intervals including Therabands to improve her range of movement in her hindlimbs and body board exercises to test her balance and weight bearing. We are now only seeing Missy once a week to continue building the muscle up in her right hind leg; however, she has already built a whole centimetre of muscle within the 4-week gap of her measurements.