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Treat your dog to a play date

by Charlotte Pimm

Treat your dog to a play date

Looking after your pooch around your busy working schedule can be challenging and can often stop people from owning man’s best friend. Some of us are lucky enough to take them to work with us but most have to leave them at home. Today I bring to you some ideas of how to keep your furry friend entertained whilst you are away in the day.
Nowadays there are businesses that walk dogs throughout the day for owners at work. For the older dogs that can’t walk so far they do a short walk or just a visit to give them some company to break the day up. In West Oxfordshire we use a company called Active Pawz, they cover Carterton and Witney in particular with the use of a professionally fitted out van to transport the dogs to various exciting walks around the area. Not only do they get an hour out but they get to socialise with friends! There will be several companies that will cover your area, ask your local vets for a recommendation.
We all know that the way to a dog’s heart is through his stomach so my next tip he will love you for. The Kong Company have created a range of boredom buster toys that you can fill with a variety of fillings which will take your dog hours to empty. They are safe, durable and suitable for all ages, even puppies. They do sell bottles of liver paste you can quickly squirt in to the classic/extreme toy if you are short of time, we find Bovril, soft cheese, corned beef or peanut butter are great easy alternatives. In the summer you can fill it with his favourite treats and freeze it to make it last even longer whilst refreshing his palate. Find these toys and more at www.woozelbears.com in the toy section of the online shop.
If your canine has a lot of energy to expel then why not learn how to do scent work exercises at a local club that you can then do before or after work. The best part about scent work is a small amount of this equates to hours of exercise and the posture that they work in is one of the best for their joints and muscles. Another huge benefit to scent work training is that it challenges the dog and provides mental and physical stimulation that will help to build a more balanced dog.  At training sessions it also provides dogs and owners with the opportunity to socialize with new people and dogs in new environments as a treat at the weekend.
Finally a really easy way to keep your dog happy is plenty of exercise, take a stroll in the morning before work so he sleeps the morning away. Then he will be looking forward to his walk when you get back.

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