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Is K-Laser For Your Pet?

by Charlotte Pimm

Is K-Laser For Your Pet?


K-laser is one of our offered treatments which can be very beneficial for a number of conditions and injuries. This blog post will tell you a little more about K-laser and what to expect to help you to decide if your pet may benefit from K-laser Therapy.

"Whatcha doin there human?"


What Is K-Laser?

K-laser therapy is a warm, soothing experience from the very first treatment session. Is uses specific wavelengths of light to help encourage the body to heal by increasing circulation and reducing inflammation. The lights used are red and near-infrared. The principle of application is to ensure the light penetrates into the damaged joint or tissue area.


What Improvement Can We Expect From K-Laser Therapy?

You may see positive benefit from the very first K-laser treatment in terms of your pet’s mobility but this is just the start of the process of reversing much of the tissue damage and muscle wastage caused by immobility and pain. However you may not see any improvement in your pet’s mobility for 2 to 3 treatments as the laser energy needs to accumulate in the damaged tissue area to provide ongoing pain relief, inflammation reduction and continuing healing of damaged tissue. Some pets do experience temporary stiffness, particularly after the first one or two K-laser treatments. This is perfectly normal and demonstrates that the laser energy is doing it’s work in reversing tissue damage, removing toxins from the affected area and increasing blood flow and lymphatic performance.

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How Often Does My Pet Need Laser Therapy?

Normally, we provide a programme of 6 to 7 laser treatments over the course of 3 weeks and refer to this as the ‘Chronic Treatment Programme’. After completion of the ‘Chronic Treatment Programme’, it is very important to ensure your pet has ‘Maintenance/top up’ sessions, the frequency of which is determined by your pet’s own mobility, pain threshold, cell metabolism, and general activity.


Every pet is different but at Woozelbears we take a sensible approach in recommending the following:

● 1st maintenance session 1 week after last treatment session in Chronic Treatment Programme

● 2nd maintenance session 2 weeks after 1st maintenance session

● 3rd maintenance session 3 weeks after 2nd maintenance session

● 4th maintenance session 4 weeks after 3rd maintenance session


Thereafter, your pet may only require ‘Maintenance/top up’ sessions periodically to ensure that the optimum level of laser energy is maintained in your pet’s affected areas to provide enhanced, longer term pain relief, inflammation reduction and cell metabolism. This in turn will

keep your pet stable and prevent the need for you to have to resort to starting the ‘Chronic Treatment Programme’ all over again.


We strongly recommend that, given the above guidelines (and booked ‘top up’ appointments), that you monitor your pet’s mobility and stiffness in doing a range of activities. As soon as you see a return of symptoms, it is crucial that you contact us at Woozelbears to get the ‘top up’ session completed as soon as possible. Ignoring those ‘tell tale’ symptoms in your pet may result in your pet having to start the full Chronic Treatment Programme again in order to ensure the optimum level of laser energy is accumulated into the damaged tissue or joint area to provide enhanced, natural pain relief, inflammation reduction and tissue healing.

"Having this regularly really helps to kleep me comfortable."


K-Laser And Medication

Usually, as improvement is seen in your pet during the initial Chronic Treatment Programme, it would be worth discussing your pet’s pain relieving medication with your vet. Many pets can reduce the amount of non-steroidal pain medication they are prescribed and where a pet is able to enjoy an ongoing maintenance schedule of K-laser treatments, it is often the case that they are able to be weaned off pain relieving medication altogether.


Is K-Laser For Your Pet?

If you think K-Laser could benefit your pet contact us today!

If you’re still unsure please get in touch with our team and ask as many questions as needed, we will help you decide if it is right for your pet.


K-Laser is available at both our Witney and Swindon branches.


Witney Email: info@woozelbears.com

Phone: 01993 772882

Address: Unit 5, Eagle Industrial Estate

Church Green, Witney, Oxfordshire

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Swindon Email: swindon@woozelbears.com

 Phone: 01793 953222

Address: Unit 11, River Ray Industrial Estate

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Website: www.woozelbears.com

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