Gait Analysis Treadmill

Assessment in our gait analysis studio

Woozelbears has one of only a few treadmills in the UK and Europe that has been scientifically developed using computer software to quantify lameness as a simple numerical score whilst identifying the correct loading and movement characteristics of the gait. We can also screen for detailed information such as stance time, touchdown, symmetry, stride length, peak pressure and record the improvements made throughout the program.

Alternatively if your dog is lame and you don’t know why, we can tell you!

The Gait Analysis Treadmill Data

  • Provides an objective analysis of a dog’s gait, including the loading and unloading characteristics
  • Early identification of lameness which can be treated surgically or conservatively

Allows for quantitative monitoring of the progress and effectiveness of any treatments

How Do We Assess Lameness In A Dog? 

Typically, we observe the dog in function walking in various directions and perform a full physical examination, including orthopaedic or neurological (if required) to assess lameness.

It is widely accepted that there are many reasons why palpation, manipulation and observation do not always give us the overall answer; research has shown that observational and subjective analysis can miss vital signs and important information.



Bracken the Golden Retriever
– Cruciate

“Following Bracken’s cruciate ligament operation, his recovery to full fitness was achieved through the excellent treatment and hard work he received from Angela her team at Woozelbears. Bracken is an exceptionally strong retriever and will only do what he want’s to do, but they used so much encouragement on the treadmill. Bracken would look forward to going, his tail would not stop wagging, and to show his appreciation he even kissed Angela’s face, something that he has never does. Thanks again to Angela and the team for getting our loving dog Bracken back to full fitness!

love Diane & Doug”