Conditions that benefit:

  • Before and after surgery
  • Hip and Elbow Dysplasia
  • Arthritis
  • Cruciate Ligament disorders
  • Spinal conditions
  • Injuries
  • Sports conditioning


Your physiotherapist will use a combination of soft tissue mobilisation and stretching, pulsed magnetic therapy and proprioceptive and strength training to provide the following effects:

  • Increases rate of recovery
  • Improves quality of healing
  • Reduces pain
  • Improve function
  • Improve range of movement
  • Increases muscle mass
  • Improve proprioception
  • Enhance performance
  • Improve gait


Does your dog suffer from stiffness, has he got tight muscles or had a recent soft tissue injury? We will help the primary issue along with any secondary issues caused by compensatory adaptations.

Massage increases the blood flow and oxygen to superficial tissue, skeletal muscles and bone, helping to remove toxins from the body.

Exercise Programmes

Giving you exercises to do at home in-between your hydrotherapy sessions provides a 7 day week rehabilitation plan. This will increase the rate of recovery and the return to normal mobility. Core stability can be challenged by using varies modalities to target the major supportive muscles groups of the limbs, trunk and spine. These modalities are also very beneficial for ‘fine tuning’ smaller muscles groups used for more intricate movements.

For fitness and sports-conditioning we can use these exercises to enhance performance.

All costs can be claimed on pet insurance

Bess’ Story

Bess is a Five year old lab that was referred for severe Hip dysplasia. After 2 sessions in the pool this worsened. The staff at Woozelbears reccomended a course of K-laser therapy. After 6 sessions of K-laser her mobility had improved and she started on the aquatic treadmill. Today she is back to her old self happy and full of fun. Without the K-laser i think we would not have Bess in such a good place. I and Bess cant praise it enough and the helpfull team at Woozelbears.