Hydrotherapy, Spa and Gait Analysis sessions with Qualified Hydrotherapist

Hydotherapy session price includes:

  • Pool or Aquatic treadmill session with a qualified hydrotherapist
  • A warm down in the hydrotherapy spa (Witney branch only)
  • Shampoo and blow dry (we do not shampoo dog’s more than once a month. On non shampoo days your dog will get a rinse, blow dry and spritz)
  • Use of under water cameras
  • Every 5 sessions the limbs are measured to monitor muscle mass, chest and waist are measured to monitor weight. With the measurment results your dogs program will be reviewed and a report written to your vet.
  • Gait analysis Treadmill. This treadmill will tell us how much weight each limb is bearing and the dogs gait pattern, such as stride length and the time each paw is on the ground. This will be done regularly to give your dog the best progress assessment and programme. (Witney branch only)
Current offer: Buy 10 upfront get 1 free.


KLaser Therapy

  • £25 each session
Current offer: 6 for the price of 5.


Gait Analysis Treadmill

  • £45 per session
including written report to your Veterinary Surgeon.


Woozelbears Washing Service- Shampoo, blow-dry, (brush for short haired dogs only) and nail clip.

Small dog – £24 (eg Westie, Cairn terrier, jack Russell)
Medium dog – £26 (eg collie, springer spaniel)
Large dog – £28 (eg.Labrador, retriever, boxer)
XLarge dog – £34 (Newfoundland, Mastiffs, leonberger)

Medicated bath with your dogs prescription shampoo- from £20.


FULL Grooming Prices

Small Clipping/Scissor Handstripping
Bichon Frise from £36 ——–
Border Terrier from £34 from £45
Cairn Terrier from £34 from £45
Cavalier Spaniel from £34
Dachshund LH from £34
Dachshund WH from £34 from £45
Fox Terrier from £34 from £45
Irish Terrier from £36 from £54
Jack Russell from £34 from £45
Lakeland from £34 from £45
Lhasa Apso from £34 —-
Lucas Terrier from £36 from £45
Mini Schnauzer from £34 from £45
Mini Poodle from £42 —-
Norfolk Terrier from £34 from £45
Shih Tzu from £34 —-
Toy Poodle from £40 —-
Westie from £34 from £45
Yorkie from £34


Medium Clipping/Scissor Handstripping
Cocker Spaniel from £36 —-
Cockerpoo from £38 —-
Springer Spaniel from £36 —-
Standard Schnau from £40 from £54-72 (based on 3-4 hour job)
Tibetan Terrier from £40


Large Clipping/Scissor Handstripping
Airedale from £42 from £68
Giant Schnauzer from £50 from £68
Labradoodle from £45 —-
Setters from £44 —-
Standard Poodle from £58 —-



Groom out’s Groom out with tidy up trim Clip
Bernese MD from £90 —-
Collie from £45 —-
German Shepherd from £45 —-
Golden Retriever from £45 —-
Leonberger from £108 —-
Newfoundland from £108 —-
Old English SD from £72 from £72
St Bernard from £90 —-



All our grooming prices are from the average price for the breed. Prices are based on the time it takes to groom your dog due to coat condition e.g any de-matting, amount of loose undercoat removal.
Please contact your nearest branch for a price as areas will differ.


Extra large breeds

Such as Newfoundland, Bernese Mountain dog, Leonberger etc… Pricing is dependent on coat condition, matting and amount of loose undercoat effecting the time of grooming. Prices are charged per hour.

Ebony’s Story

Everyone at Woozelbears is very helpful and professional. Lianne who looks after Ebony, is extremely good with her and Ebony, although very old, really perks up after her treatment.