Puppy Swims

Puppy swims are just as important in early socialisation as learning basic commands. Young puppies have fragile bones and minds so getting these introductions right whilst they are young is vital. There are many benefits to puppy swims.

Safe Exercise

It is believed that over exercise of puppies can be a significant contributor to poor skeletal development and joint related issues later in life. To avoid this the current recommendation is for puppies to have no more than one minute of structured exercise per week of their lives. For example a 16 week old puppy should have no more than 16 minutes of walking a day. It is also advised for puppies to avoid high impact activities such as jumping. Swimming is a low impact activity which engages puppies physically and mentally, helping to burn off some of that bouncy puppy energy in a safe and controlled way without the risk to their fragile joints.

Water Confidence

Building your puppy’s confidence in water and teaching them to swim and keep themselves safe in water means they will be better able to help themselves should they ever fall into difficulty. The earlier puppies start this learning the easier most will find it. Being comfortable in water means should they ever require hydrotherapy treatment they will find it much easier to adapt, maximising it’s benefits from the onset.


Puppy swims give puppies the opportunity to interact with new environments, people and situations. This is a great way for them to boost their confidence and gain greater understanding of the world around them. They have safe, controlled and gentle exposure to strange sounds, smells and sensations from the moment they walk through the door! Their session includes pre and post swim showers and positive introductions to the dryers, making future visits to the groomers or hydrotherapy significantly more positive. 

Mental Stimulation

Swimming is a fantastic source of mental stimulation with all those new tasks, sensations and interactions. Puppies actively engage in a swimming session just like any other training session meaning it can really help tire them out! Mental stimulation is deemed far more beneficial than physical exercise and is a great way to prevent common behavioural issues caused by over stimulated puppies.

Milli the Golden Retriever
– Cruciate

“Milli says thank you for helping her get better after her cruciate rupture!!

She, her brother and I have been out for some longer walks (up to 2 hours) and she is all good, loving life & you would never know she had a problem!! “

By Bex