Sports Conditioning The

Canine Athlete

Our strength and conditioning programmes are tailored for the needs of three categories of canine sports:

  • Sprint based sports such as Agility, Flyball and Hoopers.
  • Endurance activities such as Canicross, Sleddog racing, Bikejor and Hiking.
  • Controlled sports such as Heelwork, Obedience and Rally

Each sport has specific conditioning needs that can include:

  • Balance, proprioception and body awareness
  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Increased recruitment of either fast or slow twitch muscle fibers.
  • Strength and power in targeted muscle groups in relation to performance needs
  • Increase in muscle energy efficiency
  • Mental and physica lstamina

Our team can provide you with a bespoke programme for your individual dog’s needs.

This will include land-based activities using ground exercises and our indoor training equipment. We can also offer specific aquatic conditioning in our hydrotherapy pool and treadmill.

Tobi the Lurcher – by Serena

“Tobi had torn a muscle in his back leg and ruptured a tendon in his front leg which he had to have surgery on. We had unsuccessfully tried hydrotherapy elsewhere, then Sue was recommended to us and so glad she was! Totally different experience. Sue is so calm and kind with him, and highly professional. She checked him thoroughly at our first visit and has kept detailed notes so she knows exactly how he is progressing. He is so much happier now, he is now playing and running around freely and happily, which he hasn’t done for a while. We have even been able to return to flyball which we havent done for over a year. I feel like I’ve got my dog back, I am so pleased we went to see Sue and would have no hesitation in recommending her.”