Teeth Cleaning

Our teeth cleaning service does not require anaesthetic. We use a top of the range electric toothbrush that is completely silent and vibrationless making the cleaning process gentle and non invasive. The toothbrush uses ultrasonic air vibrations instead of mechanical movements. No scrubbing is required as the ultrasound forms millions of fine micro bubbles, which penetrate into the smallest gaps. The micro bubbles then implode and help remove impurities such as food particles, tartar, plaque, bacteria and pathogens. The ultrasonic waves penetrates up to 12mm deep into the gums, helping prevent gum disease.

Organisms from bacteria and tartar can make their way through the throat into the entire body so having clean teeth helps with overall health. To help reduce plaque, tartar and bad breath book in for a teeth clean session. Once your dog has had their initial clean you can book their maintenance clean along side their grooming appointment.

These sessions will not replace a dental, but can help prevent your dog from needing one if they are performed often enough when the teeth are in good enough condition. Please contact us to see how we can help! 

Bess’ Story

Bess is a Five year old lab that was referred for severe Hip dysplasia. After 2 sessions in the pool this worsened. The staff at Woozelbears reccomended a course of K-laser therapy. After 6 sessions of K-laser her mobility had improved and she started on the aquatic treadmill. Today she is back to her old self happy and full of fun. Without the K-laser i think we would not have Bess in such a good place. I and Bess cant praise it enough and the helpfull team at Woozelbears.