All dogs that arrive at Woozelbears are greeted by our friendly trained staff where you are given a full consultation to discuss your dogs requirements. We offer a washing service so you can bring your dog for a freshen up for those special occasions or just for him to smell nice on a regular basis.


Woozelbears Wash

  • A thorough brush and skin check.
  • A shampoo and conditioning treatment with
    a choice of products to suit your dog.
  • Clean ears and eyes.
  • Clip nails if appropriate.
  • Blow dry.
  • Finishing Dry.

Magnum’s Story

Magnum hugely enjoys his swimming sessions. They have given him increased muscle tone and on going flexibility so he can continue to run and play. The team at Woozelbears are friendly and professional and have always engaged really positively with Magnum. We both love coming to hydro!