Weight Loss

Dogs that are overweight suffer from numerous problems including stiffness, arthritis and breathing difficulties. Dogs carrying extra weight can be more prone to injuries and multiple clinical conditions.

In conjunction with the correct diet, hydrotherapy can be used to successfully reduce weight and increase cardiovascular fitness quickly and safely.

Tracking Weight Loss

We have scales on site which can help you track your dogs weight loss. We also measure them regularly, measure their limbs to track muscle building, along with their chest and weight. All weigh ins and measurements are recorded to help us keep track of their progress.

Alfie the JRT – Cruciate

Thank you so much to Sue of Woozelbears, Burgess Hill.
You have managed to get a water shy Alfie (Jack Russell) to look forward to his twice weekly visits, he is keen to get into the tank and even tolerate the hairdryer after his shower.
After his Luxating Patella surgery we were dreading the recovery period, what to do for the best, Sue was always on hands giving really sound advice and she always listened to our concerns, it was truly a joint effort to have the healthy happy Alfie we have today.
Before Surgery and Hydrotherapy he was a very quiet, unhappy boy now he has a new lease of life and I have to keep up with him.
By Sonia.”