Aquatic Treadmill

We have a brand new extended length Aquatic Treadmill that no other centre can offer in our area. This therapy has been developed to complement the treatment received in the Hydrotherapy pool. It allows exercise in a supported and controlled environment with the ability to change the water level to suit the individual needs of the dog being treated. We do various physiotherapy exercises in the water and use specialised equipment within the aquatic treadmill.

Some Benefits Of Aquatic Treadmill

  • It can increase the function of specific joints due
    to the maximum flexion/extension reached.
  • Gain limb usage at an earlier stage in some conditions.
  • It can re-educate gait after weakness or paralysis enabling an earlier return to activity.
  • It increases muscle function and strength quicker than the pool because the dog is bearing a degree of weight in a pain free environment.

Bracken the Golden Retriever – Cruciate

“Following Bracken’s cruciate ligament operation, his recovery to full fitness was achieved through the excellent treatment and hard work he received from Angela her team at Woozelbears. Bracken is an exceptionally strong retriever and will only do what he want’s to do, but they used so much encouragement on the treadmill. Bracken would look forward to going, his tail would not stop wagging, and to show his appreciation he even kissed Angela’s face, something that he has never does. Thanks again to Angela and the team for getting our loving dog Bracken back to full fitness!

love Diane & Doug”