Hydrotherapy Pool

The Hydrotherapy pool allows the animal to exercise in a non weight bearing environment which relieves pressure on joints, reducing pain and encouraging movement.

It is difficult to move quickly within water so the water has a cushioning or protective quality reducing the risk of injury. This same quality means that the dog has to work hard to move forward when swimming and in turn this helps to increase muscle strength and bulk. Within water animals are also subject to hydrostatic pressure and this can help to reduce swelling and pain especially in the lower limbs.

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However healthy dogs also enjoy the benefits of Hydrotherapy to improve their fitness. As our pool is so large you can interact with your dog and he can have fun and follow toys.

Our pools are bespoke and built on site to provide a large swimming space to accommodate the biggest of dogs. Many of the dogs that we see enjoy their sessions when we incorporate their favourite toys. Many patients are unable to play with their toys on land due to the impact but due to the non- weightbearing nature of the pool we are able to simulate activities they enjoy in the water. Not only do dogs enjoy coming for treatment, owners also take pleasure from that special interaction again with their dog.

Our pools are also fitted with swim resistance jets which are an invaluable tool when improving strength performance for sprint based sports and stamina for endurance training.

We have underwater cameras that carefully monitor and assess limb movement under the water.

Willow the Labrador

“We thought we were going to have to have Willow put down as he could hardly walk out to the garden. Hydrotherapy was suggested so we took him to Woozelbears. After just 3 sessions there was an improvement in his joints. After 6 sessions he was walking round the fields again. Willow will always have arthritis but by keeping up his hydrotherapy he is having a much better quality of life. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable.”