Hydrotherapy Spa

Bessie’s Bubble Spa

Bessie’s bubble spa helps to relax muscles and warm the joints to allow a greater range of movement. The water is 40 degrees and this is to increase the blood flow and reduce inflammation. It can help improve tissue and collagen extensibility while decreasing pain and enhancing mobility. It ease’s the muscular strains and sprains of injured dogs.
The vigorous water movement helps with muscle toning and relaxation.

This is a great form of passive treatment, ideal for dogs recovering from surgery when they are on minimal exercise. This compliments and enhances hydrotherapy programmes.

We can perform basic physiotherapy, stretching and range of motion exercises in the warm water. It can also be used as a relaxation after hydrotherapy.

We named the Spa after one of our beloved clients who would have benefited greatly from the spa, but unfortunately due to a tumour Bessie is no longer with us, so we thought it fitting to name the spa after her. Thanks to Bessie and our dedicated team of hydrotherapists all our dogs can benefit from ‘Bessie’s Bubble Spa’

Lottie the CKCS –  Spinal 

“After having spinal surgery, Lottie couldn’t walk for 6 weeks and we were unsure if she would ever walk again. Thanks to Angela and the team at Woozelbears, their support, patience and their love for animals, Lottie is enjoying life again, running around and playing with her best friend Marley!
All our thanks, Kelly and Phill”