What to expect from a hydrotherapy session at Woozelbears

All patients referred for hydrotherapy have an initial assessment with a canine hydrotherapist. These professional therapists are specialists in the field of gait analysis and will provide an assessment based on your pet’s individual clinical history and presentation.

Whilst undertaking a thorough physical assessment of the patient we are able to identify areas such as muscle spasm, proprioceptive deficit and compensatory changes in posture.
Following a dynamic assessment, we are able to assess areas such as limb use, irregular gait patterns and identification of primary and secondary lameness.
A measurement of muscle mass will determine whether the patient has a loss of muscle and provides a basis for progression.
Other areas that we provide you with proficient guidance on include management of their condition, phases of healing, home environment, nutritional supplements and complementary therapies.
Patients at Woozelbears will receive continuous assessment throughout the programme so that treatment is tailored to the individual patient’s needs.
After every 5 sessions of hydrotherapy treatment the hydrotherapist will send a written report to the Veterinary surgeon to update them on the progression of the patient.

Following assessment, the patient will then undertake their first session of hydrotherapy in either the pool or the aquatic treadmill.
Every patient is provided with the time that they need to acclimatise to the environment and adjust at their own speed. Our hydrotherapists have a wealth of experience handling a variety of patients and can adapt the session to suit the individual needs of the patient. Whether a patient receives treatment in the hydrotherapy pool, treadmill or spa is all dictated by their clinical condition.

Post session care is extremely important to our patients so they will all receive a shower and blow dry following treatment. It is essential that patients are not left wet as the cold and damp can cause further stiffness during the winter months.

We allocate 1 hour to every patient to ensure that we are able to provide the care and attention that you both need during this time.

    Hydrotherapy sessions include:

    • Full treatment in the hydrotherapy pool or aquatic treadmill.
    • Basic muscle massage during the session.
    • Muscle assessment and measurements every 5 sessions to monitor progress.
    • Full written reports to your veterinary practice.
    • The use of underwater cameras/video if required.
    • Shampoo and blow dry.